So I Started a Blog…

12-24-15_6-22-23 PM

Hi! My name is Steven Williams and I decided to make a blog to share my thoughts and ideas on different aspects of gaming culture.

I’m a 23-year-old nerd who lives in northern California. By day I’m a workaholic. I’ve started dabbling a bit in philanthropy and I’m starting my own web design/consultancy business. I also work in youth leadership development and advocacy. I work way too much.

By night I like to play RPGs, stealth games, MMORPGs, and of course, The Sims. On occasion. I want to play Sims 4 more, actually.

My goal is to post something every Friday and see how that goes. Feel free to share ideas and join me in my epic quest to turn this teeny blog into a mediocre, slightly larger one!

…Oh, and Merry Christmas!

Yes, I adore JonTron.