Will Black Desert Succeed?

This week’s post will be a quickie. I want to publish a long-winded article every week, but the trials of life have been building up lately and I have to spend some quality time squashing them into little, manageable bits.

So Black Desert is finally launching!



I played around with the recently-released character creator and have had flashbacks to Sims 4’s spectacular Create-A-Sim. It feels natural to me, like molding something out of clay. It’s a lot more satisfying, too.

I’ve heard a lot of great things about this game. So why do I feel so ambivalent about it? Because I don’t know if this game will be different enough, and I can’t trust that it will succeed.

There are just too many examples of sandbox-esque games going sour. Mabinogi has been a train wreck for years now; ArcheAge has been rightfully lambasted; Pathfinder Online is clawing its way out of development hell; Final Fantasy XIV’s reboot was developed as a WoW clone on purpose; and EverQuest Next’s silence is just as telling as it is heartbreaking.

I’m not even mentioning the superfluity of open-world gankfest paradise games like Mortal Online, or games much older than FFXIV that “themeparked” their gameplay like Star Wars Galaxies’ infamous NGE update.

As much as I want – deep in my heart – for the genre to innovate, I can’t trust current industry leaders to actually pull that off.

I really don’t know what to think about this game. Maybe I’ll be surprised?

Gaming in 2016


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