FFXIV Housing F&#kapalooza – Followup


Back in July, I wrote in length about my feelings about Final Fantasy XIV’s player housing problem, an issue that’s become a hot topic lately. I came to the conclusion that I don’t feel comfortable paying my subscription until the issue, and the various disparities they propagate, are fixed. I don’t know if my sub goes toward sustaining the servers but if they do, I’m paying for rich players to disenfranchise my experience. If my money doesn’t, then I still don’t appreciate the symbolic value of paying for a game that continues to allow players like Seraph Altima and her friend to do what they do.

Shirogane is finally open to the public alongside FFXIV’s 4.1 patch, and it went as well as could be expected. Let’s see how the game is faring…

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Final Fantasy XIV’s Housing F&#kapooloza 2017


I played Final Fantasy XIV since 2010’s alpha. I recruited a large group of friends into playing around 1.23, Realm Reborn, and Heavensward’s launches. I’ve enjoyed its many successes, minus one thing: housing.

When the playerbase exploded around Realm Reborn’s hype and launch, I was surprised to see Balmung turn from a relatively tiny community into the very same server some players on Mateus are complaining about being too large right now. 

The housing areas were bought out so quickly I never had a chance to get a small plot. When apartments were released, I managed to get one – on the sub-ward – after staying up until 2 am on a work night, waiting in a long queue, then panicking after being glitched behind the new building. A few of my friends snagged an apartment as well. Most of my friends didn’t.

Some of my friends had to buy the game/its expansion, set up their subscription, make their character on another server, then pay about $15 for a transfer to Balmung to get around its closed-but-not-entirely-closed-gates-of-entry. We wanted to play together. We found a way to. Then were were stuck because changing servers would cost a crap ton of money.

Then Square Enix released their New World and World Population Balancing Incentives. This meant a new start on a new server – Mateus – and the possibility to finally own a damned house. When I transferred I had about 1.5m, so I started working toward hitting the 2m mark, and so on. Balancing that and work has been really hard lately, but things were looking up.

Then news spread that wards were quickly filling. My new Mateus friend, who owns a lot of land, said he’ll loan me the rest of the money if I could find an small open plot.

I checked Lavendar Beds. Nothing. Traveled to Mist. Nada. Close to tears from frustration, I teleported to The Goblet. Nich.

As my blood pressure rose, I noticed something different about Goblet, Ward 12. The entire ward was owned by two people. I logged out and haven’t logged in since. Queue rant:

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Gaming in 2016


Finally! It’s a new year, full of new opportunities. There’s a slew of new game releases, a world full of new clients for my business, and constantly-shifting drama culminating in the 2016 Presidential Election! #FeelTheBern

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